Thursday, February 18, 2010


I loved class today! Having worked for Half Price Books for three years at the Redmond store before coming to Pullman I've spent many hours around books exactly like I saw today. I love books in general but there is something about really old books that are just cool. The cover design, the bindings, type of paper used, etc are to me a very cool portal to the past. It's interesting to see the ones that aren't classics, that for whatever reason haven't been produced in a plethora of editions. Sometimes I think these are the more interesting books to read as I really get a reading experience that hasn't been flooded with information beforehand about the author, subject matter, or impact of the novel.

I had no idea the MASC was even there. I'm excited to use it. It has a ton of great information from the time period of the books we are reading that can be helpful in forming a better picture of the society that these novels emerged from.

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  1. That sounds like a great work experience, Jefferson. Yes, the MASC is a hidden treasure, and I'm hoping that you and others will use it.